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Gina Piazza Featured Media

Gina Piazza has been featured in over 50 sports, health and fitness publications. Below are just some of the magazines with my featured story.


... new golf event promotion


... stay on top of your education
... improve body alignment with functional conditioning exercises
... reduce the chance of injury with proper conditioning strategies
... chiropractic professionals treat avid golfers
... improve posture and rotational flexibility for the turn
... prepare the body for golf specific demands
... build up the wrists for better grip control
... the 9 Hole Golf Fitness system emphasizes the importance of developing & maintaining flexibility
... conditioning moves to improve posture
... exercises to help stay balanced during the golf swing
... fitness professionals excel with new educational home study courses
... increase flexibility and improve posture with simple G Ball Fitness
... trainers improve client golf performance through assessment techniques
... on the ball get a serious core workout
... marketing tips - tee up for more profits

... fortify the upper back muscles to improve set-up posture
... the Fit To Break Par system highlights stretching and strengthening
... stronger inner thigh muscles will aid in stabilization
... G Ball Fitness
exercises - look good - feel good

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information on it." — Samuel Johnson

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